Arthritis Services for Pets

As your loyal companion pets get older, they may be affected by arthritis. This is a joint disease that can affect both humans and pets. The disease often limits your pet’s movements and can cause chronic joint pain. Even if your loyal companion is diagnosed with arthritis they can still have a high quality of life with proper treatment. If your pet is experiencing arthritis, you can be confident in the treatment provided at Pinnacle Animal Hospital. For more information call us at 613.433.3100 .

How does my pet develop arthritis?

Age, weight, injury are all factors which may lead to your pet developing arthritis. As they get older the cartilage between their joints begin to diminish. This can lead to the bones rubbing against each other. This type of arthritis is referred to as osteoarthritis. Other pets who may develop arthritis include those who had infections, inflammatory disease and injuries.

How can I tell if my pet has arthritis?

Your loyal companion may show signs they are suffering from the disease, but you should always have a veterinarian diagnose the symptoms. As the disease advances there will be changes in behaviour that you should consult our team for. Some signs include:

  • Difficulty moving around
  • Swollen or stiff joints
  • Irritability or aggression towards other pets or humans
  • Vocalize in response to pain

    What treatments are available for my pet’s arthritis?

    Once our veterinarians have conducted testing to confirm arthritis in your pet we will create a treatment plan specifically for them. For pain management we may suggest nutritional supplements, rehabilitation, inflammatory medications or surgery. Based on your pet’s assessment our team may use different approaches to make their life easier.