Heartworm Testing

Heartworm disease is an infestation of worms in the heart. The disease can cause serious illness and may even lead to fatality. The worms are passed on from mosquitoes to dogs and sometimes cats. These worms can grow up to a foot-long inside your pet and produce offspring. The worms live inside the heart, blood vessels and lungs affecting these organs’ functionality.

What are signs of heartworms in pets?

It’s very common for pets to not show symptoms of heartworm disease in the early stages. Regular testing becomes very important to catch the disease before it progresses. If your pet has another health condition the symptoms may be noticeable. You should look out for:

  • Fatigue
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Reluctance to exercise
  • Decreased appetite
  • Persistent cough
  • Heart failure

    What can I do to prevent heartworm disease in my pet?

    A great way to protect your pet from heartworms is to have them on prevention medication. This prevention plan needs to be strictly adhered to as any missed or late doses can make your pet susceptible to an infection. Our veterinarians will gladly recommend a type of medication that is best for your pet. For more information we encourage you to call us at 613.433.3100.