Laparoscopy Services for Pets

Sometimes in order to diagnose or treat a condition your pet may need surgery. Hearing about a surgery for your pet may sound scary, luckily veterinary medicine has evolved to include laparoscopic procedures. Laparoscopy is a less invasive surgery. It is known as keyhole surgery.

How does laparoscopy work in pets?

Since laparoscopy is a form of surgery pre-anesthetic testing will be performed before the procedure. This is standard for all operations as our team needs to know how well your pet will respond to the surgery. Once it is established that your pet is healthy enough to withstand laparoscopy and recover we administer anesthesia. The veterinarian makes a tiny incision on the abdomen and inserts a miniature camera to view the organs and guide them as they use surgical tools. From the start of the operation our team uses advanced technology to monitor your furry pal to eliminate any risk.

When might laparoscopic surgery be used in my pet?

Laparoscopy is used to perform simple and advanced procedures. When open surgery becomes too tedious for a loyal companion our team may use laparoscopy as it offers faster recovery and the need for less medications. Laparoscopy may be useful in the following:

  • Organ biopsy
  • Removing abdominal tumours
  • Bladder stone removal
  • To examine internal organs
  • An alternative to spay and neuter surgery

    Those are just a few examples of what laparoscopy is used for in pets. Our team will happily discuss whether laparoscopic surgery is the right step for each patient. For more information contact us at 613.433.3100.