Microchipping for Pets

If your pet has ever gone missing or come close to it, you know the sheer panic that hits you when you notice they’re gone. Your furry friends are naturally adventurous about their surroundings and could easily get lost. It’s almost impossible to guarantee your pet will always be within your reach as they could slip out through an open door/ gate or break away from their leash. Microchipping your furry pal is a great way to increase their chances of being reunited with the family if they ever get lost.

What is microchipping in pets?

Microchipping is a safe procedure for all pets. Microchips are tiny computer chips the size of a rice grain which are implanted under the skin. The needle used is a little bigger than the needles used for regular shots. Microchipping causes little to no pain for pets and it’s over within minutes. Our team is very gentle with pets to minimize any discomfort they may feel. The pain your cherished pet may feel is nothing more than a pinch from getting an injection. Each chip has a barcode that when scanned connects to the manufacturer’s registry. Once the procedure is completed our team will assist owners to link their contact information to their pet’s microchip number. For more details call 613.433.3100.

Why does my pet need microchipping if they already have an ID tag?

ID tags are great to have your pet returned to you. The only problem is what happens when they are lost or damaged. Then, your pet may be sent to a shelter and adopted as there is no other way to identify them and to contact you. To provide a secure form of identification for your furry pal, we recommend this procedure. Microchips perform the same tasks as ID tags but they are permanent and don’t need replacements. Once your pet is scanned at a shelter your contact information can be retrieved from the database and have you reunited with them in no time.