Senior Care for Pets

Aging makes your furry friends more dependent on you. In order to properly care for your pets the treatments and care they receive should be adjusted to suit the needs of their aging bodies. This means senior pets should receive routine checkups to evaluate their special needs. At Pinnacle Animal Hospital we provide a senior wellness program that is geared towards improving your loyal companion’s quality of life throughout their golden years.

When is my pet considered a senior?

Seniority is not the same for all pets, it may differ according to the breed of your pet. In dogs, bigger breeds from 5 to 6-years-old are considered seniors and smaller dogs 8 to 10-years-old are seniors. We generally consider cats 8 years and older to be seniors. If your pet is a senior you should have a veterinarian examine them so you can learn about the special care they need both at home and here in our practice.

How can I tell my pet is getting older?

Physical signs that your pet is getting older may look like:

  • Increased/decreased drinking, eating and urination
  • Less playfulness
  • Eyelid tumours
  • Greying around the chest, head or muzzle
  • More lumps
  • Sleeping more often
  • Dull or grey coat
  • Less responsive when you call their name

    What are common health issues in senior pets?

    As your pets mature their immune response declines making them more likely to develop illnesses. To stay on top of their health, regular annual checkups are mandatory. Senior pets are also more likely to suffer from:

    1. Arthritis
    2. Diabetes
    3. Heart disease
    4. Cancer
    5. Hormone disorder
    6. Kidney and liver problems
    7. Alzheimer’s disease

    Some of these conditions are latent for some time before the symptoms manifest themselves. Our veterinary care team can create a plan that includes testing, adjusting diets and finding ways to reduce pain before their condition worsens. Our goal is to have your loyal companion enjoy their current stage of life. For more information on our senior care program call 613.433.3100.