Weight Management for Pets

Obesity in pets is recorded at over 50%. Not many owners know their furry pal is overweight. In order to properly assess your pet’s weight our veterinarians consider their age, breed and lifestyle. Overweight pets can develop preventable diseases and oftentimes have a shorter lifespan. Pets who face challenges with obesity need healthy habits to regulate their weight. We encourage you to contact our team at 613.433.3100. to discuss how we can get your pet to a healthy weight.

What happens when my pet is overweight?

Overweight pets may develop high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, urinary bladder issues and heart disease. These health issues can be a life sentence to your cherished pets especially if they are not treated right away.

How can I control my pet’s weight?

You should always have a veterinarian weigh in on weight management strategies before you use them. Allow our team to examine your pet and determine what is a healthy weight goal and the best lifestyle to get them there. Some good habits we may recommend are:

  • Scheduling meal times. Do not leave out food as your pets will most likely eat it.
  • Limit their number of treats. Treats should only take up 10% of the daily calories in their meals.
  • Encourage play time. This will help them burn fat and build muscle.
  • Follow a special diet or nutrition created by your veterinarian. This may remove or reduce certain foods that don’t provide much nutrients to your pet. Your pet needs foods that are balanced and complete. They should contain fiber, antioxidants and protein.